The Magical Publishing Fairy Lives in Cleveland

And her name is Bonné!

So happy to share some exciting news: Kattywompus Press will publish a collaboration of my poems and Paul’s images as a limited-edition artist’s book in 2012! We’re calling it Another Beginning (at least at the moment we are), and it comprises ten of Paul’s original art photographs and ten of my poems, written in response. To say that I am thrilled about this would be an understatement. I love the idea of my first series-length publication being something that I share with Paul, especially given all of the upheaval (PhD, job shifts and searching, etc.) of this last year. And I love the idea of supporting a small press whose work I believe in. Plus, how cool is that word, “Kattywompus,” which, according to Urban Dictionary, means “crooked, lopsided; askew,” and “topsy-turvey; weird,” and “To be all helter skelter and askew. Not functioning on all cylinders, or just plain strange.”

I mean, have you met my husband? 🙂

No, seriously. This is the best possible news to balance the start of a stressful semester (lots of teaching for Paul, too-early and online teaching for me, job searching, etc.) and we are looking so forward to working with Bonné and Sammy to make this project happen. I can’t imagine a better place for it!

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