Writing the Personal

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So happy to announce the release of my co-authored writing craft book, WRITING THE PERSONAL: GETTING YOUR STORIES ONTO THE PAGE!

Now available through the publisher’s website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


“Writing the Personal is the ideal book for anyone interested in exploring his or her life through writing. It is a must-read for any writer serious about deepening her understanding of craft.”
Kate Hopper, author of Ready for Air and Use Your Words and co-author of Silent Running

“A focus on techniques makes this a useful book to read straight through or equally to dip in and out of according to your personal tastes. However you come to the recipes offered in this clever cookbook, you’re sure to enjoy the feast inside.”
– Stacy Holman Jones and Anne Harris, co-authors of Writing for Performance

“Faulkner and Squillante seamlessly collaborate to each bring their unique and varied writing backgrounds and academic credentials to this text to create a unique and invaluable book.”
– Bernadette Marie Calafell, University of Denver, author of Monstrosity, Performance and Race in Contemporary Culture

“Faulkner and Squillante are skillful, honest, and generous teachers of the craft.”
– Dinty W. Moore, author of The Mindful Writer: Noble Truths of the Writing Life

“In this innovative and inspiring book, Faulkner and Squillante offer practical advice about writing personal stories.”
– Tony E. Adams, Northeastern Illinois University