Something happened tonight that I was totally unprepared for. Before I describe it, I'll back up and say that lately, Josephine has been asking a lot of questions about death. In particular, she wants to know, "Did my grandpa die?" My answer is always the truth: Yes, sweetie. He died. Each time the question comes, … Continue reading Inheritance

Rice & Eggs

Rainy Sunday morning, the first weekend of spring break, and wow, is it welcome. The rain and the break, I mean. Rain because it means the temperature is finally climbing back up, and break because it has been an incredibly stressful semester so far. We found out in early February that budget crises across the … Continue reading Rice & Eggs

Best American Essays!

Wow. I just learned that my essay--the one which shares its title with this very blog--has been nominated by Literary Mama for Best American Essays! I'm really kind of speechless. Thrilled and speechless. I hear you already, universe. I'm listening hard. And I'm writing.