VCCA, Day 5: Talking & Listening

More rain today, so I decided to stay at the fellows residence and read after breakfast. As so often happens at places like this, though, I had the opportunity to chat with a another fellow, and so ditched that plan and spent the morning in lovely conversation. As I suspected, my need for solitude is waning and my need for connection is on the rise.

I did get to read after lunch, though–a book by each of my grad school mentors: Eve’s Striptease, by Julia Kasdorf, and Prairie Style, by C.S. Giscombe. I enjoyed both of them so much, and was reminded of how fortunate I was to have had such an eclectic education under the guidance of these very different poets.

Or maybe not so very different, as both books are bodily and regional and erotic. I want to spend more time with both of them in the coming days. Maybe it will put me in mind to write poems. Maybe it will feel like I am back in grad school.

(Actually, I hope not!)

After dinner (which, let me get back to in a moment), we were treated to another reading by two of the fellows. Again, two very different voices in poetry. It’s interesting to see the range of aesthetics here.

Shifting gears slightly to food. It’s wonderful here! Fresh, organic and local. And tonight, one of the best desserts of my life–and I cannot believe I am about to say this–a homemade, hot from the oven DONUT with vanilla ice cream melting on top.

I used to have a friend who swore that donuts had “magical healing properties.” I adamantly disagreed, (I am more of a “bagels have magical healing properties” kind of gal) however, tonight I think I became a believer.

Tomorrow, I write. I have no idea what, yet. But I will write.

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