VCCA, Day 8: Post-Reading High

Last night I read from my work–poems and a small essay–for the other fellows. It felt friendly and convivial and I had a really great time doing it! One of the best readings I’ve given in a long time. I’m really glad I overcame the reticence I was initially feeling. It’s good, especially, to get feedback from non-writers. There is a visual artist here who I am particularly drawn to, though I have yet to see her art. We have had many lovely conversations about process, though, and it seems we are both very interested in associative narrative, fragmentation, sometimes even automatic writing/art. Or at least that as a starting place. This is maybe the best thing about being at a residency–the window in on other people’s process. I love it.

Said goodbye to a lovely person this morning and will be saying goodbye to three more tomorrow. This is the worst thing about a residency–people come and you fall in love and then they go.

I have only four days left and I really want to work, but I also really want to spend time just being here.

Tonight, a thunderstorm with marble-sized hail that crashed into the dining room windows for almost an hour.

I do so love extreme weather!

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