First Review!

Holy cow, my poems have a life of their own, independent of me! Which is to say, people are reading them and writing about them on Goodreads! Check me out!

“In this small but dazzling chapbook, Squillante outlines the ritual and expectation of  being both a poet and a mother-to-be. These prose-poems alternate from meditations on the physical nature of pregnancy to the ritual of writing and the epic image of a “hero fighting”—suggesting the “query and quest” inherent to every act of creation. Squillante’s voice is full of wit and serendipity, transforming everyday sights into meditations of what is to come; even the construction of a Bed, Bath, & Beyond causes the speaker to “wonder how all of this will monument.” Ultimately, the hero and the woman waiting patiently on the shore—Odysseus and Penelope—merge into an affecting metaphor of endurance, transformation, and hope. Highly recommended!”

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