Is This a Tunnel? Is That a Light?

Today a kind of big thing happened, and I wasn’t even really aware of it until it was over: I finished the last of the planned essay chapters for the memoir.

Now before we all pop the champagne cork and start dancing around to P-Funk (because that’s what I plan to do when the time is right), that doesn’t mean I’m done. I still have those recipe-essays to complete–another five or six to go between now and August–AND, it’s possible (highly possible) that once I read through what I have, I’ll realize I’ve missed some hugely important event that is going to require another 5K words to explore, but still….this feels somewhat momentous and I wanted to mention it.

So I’m letting out a tiny little whoop and maybe treating myself to some Oreo ice cream. (I need something sweet because writing this thing is anything but.)


One thought on “Is This a Tunnel? Is That a Light?

  1. Sharon McGill says:

    Congrats! It is nice to reach one of those checkpoints before the book is officially done. You’re nearly there!

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