The Blue Mixing Bowl of Happiness & Possibility Says…



Lovely readers, thank you for following along thus far! I hope that you have enjoyed yourself, and that you will now indulge me a tiny hiatus. This coming week I will be in GRADING HELL and also celebrating MY BIRTHDAY!

(It is very wrong that these things should exist simultaneously, but there is nothing to be done for it.)

Anyone who knows me well knows that MY BIRTHDAY is a week-long festival of Whatever the Hell I Want it To Be, and includes eating Whatever Makes Me Happiest.

God how I love MY BIRTHDAY!

So, I may pop in here to muse about food or writing or other random tidbits or not, but either way Food You Don’t Know What to Do With will return next week with some new, challenging ingredient.

Cheers and chocolate cupcakes to all! Especially me. 😉



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