The Blue Mixing Bowl of Happiness & Possibility Says….

My former student, Brielle, wants me to make


I was walking by them yesterday getting some kale, which I love, but I got thinking turnips- what?

My mom never ever prepared those for me. Are they even nutritious?


See how she’s book-ending her comment with the name of the ingredient for emphasis? See how there’s all that lovely white space between the lines? Notice the specific, narrative moment–walking by them on her way to kale–the mention of her mother, the question of what’s at stake for the speaker eater?

You can tell she was my poetry student, right? Sigh. So proud.

Okay, Brielle. I will compose an ode to turnips. This will be my magnum opus, as turnips are a food I’m not even entirely sure what to do with.

4 thoughts on “The Blue Mixing Bowl of Happiness & Possibility Says….

      • Jo Hsu says:

        Wellllll if you’re feeling adventurous, I’ve been really curious about things to do with beef heart, but I realize that might be a bit out there for you or other readers. Otherwise, I have yet to find a truly delicious way to make collard greens… 🙂

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