Round Baby Lives!

I’m delighted to announce that my second full-length poetry collection, MOSTLY HUMAN, has won the Wicked Woman Book Prize and will be published by BrickHouse Books in October of 2020!

There are no words to express exactly how much I love this book and the weird girl character, Round Baby, who stars in it. It’s the closest thing to fiction I’ve ever written, yet it’s also (as some readers will be able to easily see) also pretty close to memoir.

What’s the book like?

Think David Lynch meets my adolescence during the hair-metal, New Wave 80s.

Also, Shaun Cassidy and Funyuns and Lipsmacker.

And Chernobyl and the Challenger Disaster and Night of the Comet.

Plus awkward teenage body stuff and The Blob and some aliens and some cake.

Is Round Baby me? Well, we’re the same age, and we’ve faced some of the same obstacles and setbacks, but, in the end, we are more like glittery shadows of each other. She’s stronger than I was, then, but I’m stronger now because of her. She’s an odd darkling, a whimsy, a splinter in the sole of your foot. She’s a mystery and a problem and a perfect, thrilling, mess of a teenage girl (who sometimes becomes a spider, what can I say?), trying to figure out where she belongs.

I hope you’ll love her as much as I do. Watch this space for updates!

*Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash