Dance, Nancy!

Apparently I really like these two-word imperative titles. They work! I am writing and I am dancing because I found out yesterday that the truly wonderful Dancing Girl Press will publish my chapbook, A Woman Traces the Shoreline, in December of this year! They put out beautiful, hand-made books by women and I feel like I am in excellent company. I’m really honored.

So who is Nancy? Why, she’s me, of course. A friend, in congratulating me upon hearing the news, remarked that I have been such a “Negative Nancy” about my writing lately. We had been talking mostly about memoir, I think, but either way he’s right. I have been and it’s been for longer than just lately. So clearly that has to stop.

Between this great news and the equally wonderful project-in-progress with Kattywompus Press, it’s time to put on my party dress and my pretty shoes and get out on the dance floor and boogie.

2 thoughts on “Dance, Nancy!

  1. Dianne Gardner says:

    So someday let’s have a conversation about the difference between poetry and a well crafted and truly evocative paragraph. Of course I get the rhyming poems, but those (typically angry or otherwise full of angst) unrhymed ones….nada. I’ve asked many people, Eng. Profs, other writers, but nobody can clarify this for me. I love some poetry, Ted Kooser, a prior poet laureate for instance, but his mostly rhymes, mostly. But perhaps a real poet can lift the veil? Anyway I love reading these posts. XO

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