It's always exciting to see my work in print, and to know that people out there can access it and will hopefully enjoy it, but for whatever reason, some publications just feel giddier than others. Maybe it's a special piece, maybe a special venue. Maybe it's a bit of both, as is the case with … Continue reading Sweet!

The First Nibble!

Between yesterday and today, I queried sixteen agents about their interest in representing my memoir, which....drumroll, please...I believe to be done, finally, after eight years! I can't quite believe it, but there it is. 210 pages staring me in the face. Wow, wow, wow. This morning, I got a response to one of the queries, … Continue reading The First Nibble!

Early Christmas!

Apparently Santa is a lover of poetry! On Monday the US postal service delivered my first chapbook into my greedy-happy hands and it felt like Christmas Day. Then, on Thursday night, I got to read from that little book to an audience of former teachers, students, family, friends old and and new. My kids behaved … Continue reading Early Christmas!