You’re Going to Hate My Book


It’s very different than my other work that you’ve read, that you’ve liked.

You might not like it very much.

You’re probably going to hate it, actually.


Who the hell are you talking to?

Family. Friends who are not writers. Friends who are writers. Colleagues. Ex-boyfriends. Former professors.


Stop it. You’re poisoning everything.

Let people come to the work as they wish, without disclaimers. Trust their intellect, their capacious curiosity.

If nothing else, trust that their love and support trumps whatever confusion or critique you imagine to be happening.

Besides: nobody’s going to die from confusion or critique.

Additionally: get some perspective, please. There’s dinner to make and laundry to do. The whole world is not looking at you.

Also: some people might indeed hate it. Some might love it. Either way, it’s none of your business.

Though you wrote it, it no longer belongs to you.

It’s out there now, where it belongs.  .

Blow it a kiss and wish it well.



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