The Story

The internet tells me that today is the tenth anniversary of the finale of  Six Feet Under, a series which aired on HBO from 2001-2005. Ten years ago today, my first child--my son-- was 18 days old and I was a frantic, euphoric, sleep-deprived, love-swallowed mess. Nevertheless, I was not going to miss the final … Continue reading The Story

Beautiful News: Interview with Barrelhouse Magazine

Very happy to have had the opportunity to talk with Barrelhouse's poetry editor, Dan Brady, about Beautiful Nerve, prose poetry, anxiety and Patrick Swayze!!Sheila-Squillantes-Beautiful-Nerve/cge1/551d4bc20cf215f35a3563d5 This is my first official interview about the book, and I'm happy that it was with a journal that has so supported my work, and the work of many of … Continue reading Beautiful News: Interview with Barrelhouse Magazine

Weird Poet Gene

On Thursday night, I was honored to participate in the celebratory reading of the 2015 Public Poetry Project, which chose my poem, "This Weather" to publish on 1500 free posters that will go up around the state. It was delightful to see former Penn State colleagues and students, old friends and, of course, our old … Continue reading Weird Poet Gene