Beautiful News

I’m thrilled to announce that Beautiful Nerve will be the featured poetry title for the Conversations & Connections writers conference in Washington, D.C. on April 8th!

This is a terrific one-day conference where you get a ton of good stuff for not very much money. From the website:

Conversations and Connections is a one-day writer’s conference that brings together writers, editors, and publishers in a friendly, supportive environment. The conference is organized by Barrelhouse magazine, and has been held for the past 8 years in DC, and the past 2 in Philadelphia. All proceeds go to Barrelhouse and participating small presses and literary magazines.


For your $70 registration fee, you get the full day conference, including the keynote by featured authors discussion, and 3 craft workshop/panel sessions, plus 1 ticket for Speed Dating with Editors, your choice of 1 of the 4 featured books, 1 subscription to a participating literary magazine, and (for those of you 21 or over) our world famous Boxed Wine Happy Hour. Boxed Wine Happy Hour!

They’ve lined up some other terrific featured books, including The Reappearing Act, a memoir by Kate Fagan and Jen Michalski’s short story collection, From Here.

I’ve participated as a panelist at C&C three times–twice in D.C. and once in Pittsburgh, so I know how useful it is for writers looking for practical help and attention to their craft. I love the vibe–friendly and down to earth–and admire the folks who run it. They do good, real work to support small presses, and I’m honored to have my own small press book featured.

Hope I’ll see some of you there!

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