Beautiful News: Seeking Reviews

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In grad school, I took a course called The Writer as Critic, taught by the formidable Robin Becker, who welcomed us on day one by proclaiming, “Welcome to most practical, important class you will take during your MFA.”

She had earned and lived that confidence as a long-time reviewer herself, as well as a poet whose own books have benefited from thoughtful critical consideration.

I try now to impress upon my own students the great importance of book reviewing as way to deeply engage in the ongoing literary conversation, as well as a marker of literary citizenship.

I have written reviews and also spent time as a reviews editor, which I especially loved doing as it felt so thrilling and satisfying to help get good books into the hands of smart, careful readers.

Which brings me to the point: with the official release of Beautiful Nerve coming later in the spring/early summer, I am actively looking for reviewers for the book. If you are a venue that publishes reviews or a person who writes them, and would like to get your eyes on an electronic copy, please comment here or contact me at sheila DOT squillante AT and I’ll get you set up.

Thanks, friends. I appreciate you.



One thought on “Beautiful News: Seeking Reviews

  1. emceedee says:

    Oh, Sheila, how I wish I’d had taken Robin’s course! I would so gladly be your critic but I know that I could not do your beautiful work justice!

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