New Look, New You! (er, Me.)

Welcome to my new site, complete with self-indulgent, narcissistic URL! (the old one will redirect here automatically, so if you still can’t spell my last name, fret not.) So thankful to a lovely friend who knows how to fiddle with such things far more effectively than I and who brought beauty and functionality forth for me. I think it’s gorgeous.(Yes, that’s Paul’s image at the top.) There may still be some tweaks to come, so I appreciate your patience.

Soon there will even be a function that allows you to buy my chapbook. Click for poetry!

One last little bit of announcement: I have joined the gang over at We Who Are About To Die, and among other bits of silly or seriousness, plan to be contributing chapbook reviews very soon. See, I told you I would support your art!

Thanks for stopping by!

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