Wonderful People Out in the Ether

I wake this morning with a full heart for the various people living inside my computer. You, for instance, who are reading this blog and who have stopped to comment on something I’ve written here, or over at Facebook.

Thank you.

For the people who responded to my various pleas for help around promoting my chapbook. I now have a concrete checklist of practical advice to work from, four firm offers of review, three guest blog posts to write, one interview and some podcasts planned, invitations to do readings in Brooklyn and Arkansas (I wish it were possible!) and several promises of promotional support.

Thank you.

I’m grateful for the wide net of affiliation I was able to cast during my time working for the creative writing program here–surely a big part of why I’m able to call on this support– but I also hope you’re out there because I’ve somehow earned and cultivated your friendship via more organic means. I hope you know that I will do whatever I can to support YOUR writing, publishing, life in the creative arts. Please, when the time comes, do not hesitate to call on me. It would be my pleasure!

I have a tentative release date of December 15th for the chapbook! I am planning a party and reading at a fabulous local gallery, as well as a virtual release party on Facebook and you will all be invited.

Yes, all of you. You wonderful, wonderful people.


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