The Book! It Exists!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Don’t you just want to rub it all over your face?

Yes, you do! And you can, very soon! You can get one by coming to my release party in town on Thursday. Or you can be just a little bit patient and wait for the link to the press site, which should happen any day, but I am just too excited to wait any longer to show you the book, which EXISTS!

My kids are coming to the release party on Thursday night. This is perhaps madness, but I don’t care. I want them there. (I have bribed them within an inch of their lives to ensure good behavior.) This book comes from and is for them.  I was trying to explain the occasion to my daughter and she said, “Oh, it’s like a birthday party!” Yes, I guess it is!

I’m in awe, I admit it. I love the fact of this object in my hands, the weight of it in my world. (In your world, too, I hope!) I remember the moment of its writing, how terrifying and exciting my life was as a woman very pregnant with my first child. It’s a cliche to talk about one’s book as being akin to the birth of a child, but since this, my first book, is also about the birth (well, sort of) of my first child…oh, I’ll just let it be. I’m proud of it. A little scared of it. I think it’s beautiful and maybe even smart. I hope it plays well with the other poetry chapbooks at the party.

Happy birthday, little book!


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