And the Winner Is…

I want to start out by saying that I am fairly knocked out by everyone’s enthusiasm for and participation in this new project. Thank you! I’ve been keeping this blog sporadically since 2009, but never really felt driven to actively build an audience beyond those folks who know me and would come here anyway. And I’ve never done much to encourage conversation in the comments before.  This one post has generated more conversation than any other, and I have to tell the truth: it has been THRILLING to check in here and see what could be a real community forming! I promise to do what I can to foster and support that, so please, do keep coming back!

Now, to the matter at hand: time to pick a random entry that will become the first post in Food You Don’t Know What to Do With! Fancy shmancy blogs have a nifty plug-in tool that automatically picks a random winner, but this blogging platform doesn’t support such things. So, I went old school:

There you all are, on top of the airport activity book we got in San Diego–TSA’s attempt to keep children happy and parents sane during travel.


The Blue Bowl of Happiness and Possibility!

I like thinking of you all as ingredients in a mixing bowl.

One hand to hold the bowl (mine), one hand to choose it (Paul’s). I didn’t intend for that to sounds so Tolkein-esque, but it’s making me giggle, so I’m leaving it.

And the (totally randomly chosen, I absolutely promise!) winner is….

I call this one, “Supportive Spouse, Pre-Coffee”

Congratulations to Sharon, who commented:

Okay, I’ll throw in a bid for kale. For some reason, our CSA has had a lot of it this summer, and I’m sick of kale+starch recipes. Kale and potatoes (Colcannon); kale and rice (stir-fry, like with tofu); and kale and pasta. Snooooze. . .If you can dig up something more exciting, I’d love to hear it!

So humble kale gets the distinction of being my first culinary exploration and Sharon gets a copy of my chapbook! (Sharon, please send me your address and I’ll pop that into the mail to you right away.)

And the rest of you lovely people get to feel great about the fact that you are supporting an eager writer in her new project, and know that I will choose randomly from whatever Food You Don’t Know What to Do With each week, so please keep commenting, keep talking to each other, keep reading and, of course, keep eating!

And come back on Tuesday to learn what to do with that wondrous, enigmatic dark leafy green know as kale!

Thanks, everyone! You rock.

8 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…

  1. Sharon McGill says:

    It’s a little complicated. I am not, but my hubbie is flexitarian (eats fish occasionally and locally-raised meat very rarely). He’s also allergic to tree nuts (walnuts, pine nuts, etc; though peanuts and coconut are fine) and is lactose intolerant. We can easily adapt any recipe that calls for butter, cream, or milk with coconut oil and milk; however, cheese is more difficult. So: no tree nuts or cheese, please!

    Sorry to throw a curveball on your first go! 😉 Basically, we eat a lot of vegan recipes so long as they don’t involve nuts. Eggs are fine, and if you have a super delicious-sounding meat recipe, we’ll find some sustainably-raised meat to make it.

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