Chicken,Turnip & Potato Curry

Well, this week has limped along, with most of my time taken by writing pursuits (aka, grading freshman comp papers) not nearly as delicious or satisfying as writing about turnips would have been.

Yes, turnips, it turns out, are delicious!

I don’t think I really knew that before this week because as I was shopping for these maligned root veggies, I realized that the turnips of my childhood were really rutabagas. Related, yes, but not the same vegetable.

And it’s not that I hated turnips rutabagas, it’s just that I didn’t exactly love them, either. Partly because at some point, someone awful (I don’t remember who, but anyone who ruins food associations like this must be awful, right?) likened their color? texture? taste? (ewww, who would know that?) to ear wax.

Disgusting, I know. I’m an awful person. Sorry.

Well! I’m hear to expunge the sensory assault I’ve just inflicted upon you with the following really yummy recipe:

Recipe #1 Chicken, Turnip & Potato Curry3 small turnips, peeled and diced into small cubes

3 small potatoes, peeled and diced into small cubes

1 onion, diced

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs, trimmed and cut into bite-size pieces

1 tbsp cumin seed

1 tbs cumin powder

1 tbs coriander powder

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp cayenne

2 tbsp vegetable oil

2 15 oz cans diced tomatoes

1/2 tsp garam masala

salt & pepper

fresh cilantro if you have it

Turnips smell peppery-sweet. They reminded me a bit of parsnips, maybe.

Heat oil in a heavy pan and fry onions until they begin to brown. Add cumin seed and fry until they start to pop.

Add turnips, potatoes and garlic. Add dry spices and fry for a minute or two.

Add chicken and stir to combine.

Pour in the tomatoes and an extra can’s worth of water. Bring the whole thing up to a boil, then cover loosely and simmer for 30 minutes or until veggies are soft and chicken is cooked through.

Remove from heat and sprinkle with garam masala. Put the lid back on and let it sit for five minutes before serving over hot basmati rice or with warm naan bread. Definitely top with fresh cilantro if you have it. I forgot to pick some up.

The turnips and potatoes are fun foils for each other. I liked how they were almost identical in the dish so that I was never sure which thing I was getting in a mouthful. Starchy, buttery, creamy potatoes. Starchy, peppery-sweet, slightly toothsome turnips.

All of it, quite delicious.



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